2017/2018 Coaching Team

Michelle Semaschuk – Primary STARSkate Certified (NCCP Level 1 Certified)
Michelle has been a professional coach for 5 years. Her accomplishments include Junior Silver Skills, Senior Ladies Compeititve/Gold Freeskate, Junior Pairs FreeSkate and Senior Bronze Dance.
Phone: 335-5170 E-mail:yukoncoach@gmail.com

Anne Milton – NCCP Level 1 Trained; Phone: 689-1718 Email: yukonmilton@gmail.com

Anne Patrice Gilbert – Primary STARSkate Trained (NCCP Level 1). Anne Patrice has 4 years coaching experience.  Her accomplishments include Gold Skills, Gold Dance, and Gold Interpretive, Senior Silver Freeskate, Senior Competitive Ice Dance. Email: agilbert@ualberta.ca

Tanya Sage – NCCP Level 1 Certified
Tanya has been a professional coach for over 14 years. Her accomplishments include 3rd figure, Sr. Bronze Freeskate and Sr. Bronze Dance.  Her goal is to continue skating to complete further skating skills and dance tests, and to encourage our young skaters to have fun with her enthusiastic attitude. Phone: 393-2534 mtsage@northwestel.net